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Blue Bayer Design NYC

Well I’m the first to admit I do love a bit of goth and dark arts and Blue Bayer Design NYC satisfies.  They create and sell some great goth-look jewellery, accessories and home wares at their Etsy shop billyblue22.  I’m mad in love with the anatomical heart and have painted the human heart in my own work, so to find an amazing anatomical heart necklace, well that made my day.  A further browse around the shop I unravel more of my loves a.k.a The Skull.  Except Blue Bayer goes one further and does a whole range of tiny skulls to hang around your neck or adorn your fingers; human, monkey, bulldog, hummingbird, crow, bat, cat and even a wisdom tooth and bird claw among many others.  You can even get the anatomical heart and animal skulls in the form of cabinet/drawer hardware.  Very cool.  DARK LOVE.


Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham is an Australian ceramic artist who crafts beautiful, simplistic and practical working pieces of art.  She has integrated art and living with her delightful and almost prehistoric-looking collections that could gracefully adorn shelves and displays as well as serve a purpose when preparing dinner.  Her pestle and mortar sets, which she names “crackers” do in fact look like rocks and remind you of dinosaurs and The Flintstones.  She makes a number of other kitchen items and utensils among other things, such as brooches and jewellery.  Check out her website.  PREHISTORIC LOVE.

Letitia Buchan

Letitia Buchan is an amazing Australian illustrator slash designer whose work features on apparel, and includes pattern design and typography, among many other projects.  Her work is grundgy and edgy, yet bright and colourful, positive and uplifting – the perfect mix.  Get inspired at her website and see some of my favs below.  LOVIN’ HER WORK.


If you’re after original, unique and individual always go handmade.  If you don’t have an inspiring, innovative local art and craft fair and you loathe mass-produced, overstocked retail stores, you can shop, or sell, online from all around the world on Etsy – strictly “handmade only” – amazing collections of arts, crafts, homewares – you name it, it’s original and it’s on Etsy.  Check out some of my favs, and Etsy is on Facebook, like their page.  Original L.O.V.E.


“I do not believe in eras or times. I do not. I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.” Piero Fornasetti

Famous words by Piero Fornasetti 1913-1988; Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorator who in fact mastered timeless, classic design with his hugely famous and recognisable repetitive images of opera singer Lina Cavalieri’s face, and perhaps even more intriguing, images that have not to this day been replicated.  For Fornasetti, “a single idea provided enough inspiration to create infinite variations”, wise words spoken from a true master.  Visit Fornasetti for more inspiration.

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