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Double Fox Studio

Double Fox Studio is an Etsy Store owned by artists Flavia Marele and Ildiko Muresan from Germany.  They make objects from a special clay formula they developed themselves including dolls, jewellery and other amazing and unique creatures.  What makes their work so cool is the vibrant colours, quirky yet modern designs and their hand drawn pictures and text that decorate and personalise each object.  Check out their shop.  QUIRKY LOVE.


Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham is an Australian ceramic artist who crafts beautiful, simplistic and practical working pieces of art.  She has integrated art and living with her delightful and almost prehistoric-looking collections that could gracefully adorn shelves and displays as well as serve a purpose when preparing dinner.  Her pestle and mortar sets, which she names “crackers” do in fact look like rocks and remind you of dinosaurs and The Flintstones.  She makes a number of other kitchen items and utensils among other things, such as brooches and jewellery.  Check out her website.  PREHISTORIC LOVE.

Fifi Lapin

Fifi Lapin is an uber-stylish socialite bunny; her creator is amazing and dresses her head-to-toe in true-to-life designer clothing from the top fashion houses.  There’s no denying Fifi is adorable, and the clothing mimics actual clothing lines hot off the catwalk.  Her creator, who remains anonymous and brings Fifi to life, is also a clever clog; Fifi’s not just cute but business savvy too.  She has created an empire any bunny would be proud of and has stormed Tokyo.  Fifi and her chic style can be found on prints, pins, postcards and envelopes, canvas tote bags, style books, t-shirts, and even i-Phone 4 covers!  She depicts what art has evolved to today, the crossover of medias and commercialism of product.  Check out her  blog.  CLEVER LOVE.

Joshua Petker

I found Joshua Petker’s amazing portraits about five years ago online and as you can see for yourself, his work is amazing.  He largely paints female portraits and women amongst scenery.   What I love about his work however, is it is not your everyday scenery or portraits; he paints beautiful women with seemingly tortured and lost souls and erotic, fantastical scenery with a dark edge.  I love the bold colour, and the energy, darkness and wonderment his work offers.  Visit his website.  PSYCHEDELIC LOVE.

Letitia Buchan

Letitia Buchan is an amazing Australian illustrator slash designer whose work features on apparel, and includes pattern design and typography, among many other projects.  Her work is grundgy and edgy, yet bright and colourful, positive and uplifting – the perfect mix.  Get inspired at her website and see some of my favs below.  LOVIN’ HER WORK.

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